JAMA Chiropractic Study on Low Back Pain

JAMA recognition of Chiropractic

The reason why Chiropractic has stuck around for the last 100 years has been because of the safety and effectiveness of Chiropractic Manipulation.  One of the difficulties that the Chiropractic profession has had is getting mainstream scientific recognition.  This article published by JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) has been a long time coming.  For context, American Medical Association in 1987 was found in federal court to have illegally conspired to eliminate the Chiropractic profession (see Wilk vs. AMA).  As a reasonable Chiropractor who practices in an integrated office, I hope this article will appeal to reasonable medical professionals.

Here is a snippet from the article.  The full link is below.

Original Investigation
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
May 2018

Effect of Usual Medical Care Plus Chiropractic Care vs Usual Medical Care Alone on Pain and Disability Among US Service Members With Low Back Pain  A Comparative Effectiveness Clinical Trial

JAMA Network Open. 2018;1(1):e180105. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2018.0105

Conclusions and Relevance  Chiropractic care, when added to usual medical care, resulted in moderate short-term improvements in low back pain intensity and disability in active-duty military personnel. This trial provides additional support for the inclusion of chiropractic care as a component of multidisciplinary health care for low back pain, as currently recommended in existing guidelines. However, study limitations illustrate that further research is needed to understand longer-term outcomes as well as how patient heterogeneity and intervention variations affect patient responses to chiropractic care.